THE SACRED PATH: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior


An amazing how-to book for men who want to become better men . . . AND for the women who care about them. According to MCLA director Dr. Stephen Johnson, author of “The Sacred Path: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior,” it’s critical for men to address certain issues in life that happen, sooner or later, to ALL men.

These key men’s issues include:
*  Four crisis points in a man’s life
*  The Father Gap wound that just won’t heal
*  How a man can become the father he always wanted
*  What men are feeling but not saying
*  Seven types of men most vulnerable to dangerous relationships
*  Seven types of women who collude in a man’s downfall
*  How a circle of good men can be a man’s saving grace
*  The importance of mentors
*  Six challenges that men meet on the chivalrous path
*  Six mindfulness practices on the Sacred Path
*  Finding and renewing your true love
*  How to increase “Male Net Worth”
*  Spiritual Warriors at work in the world

*  Living your destiny and leaving a legacy.

Our very own LeVar Burton, a long-time member of the Men’s Center Los Angeles and Sacred Path participant, wrote the foreword for this book for his friend and mentor, Dr. Stephen Johnson.

The ultimate goal of this life-changing book is to create more safety for men to experience the vulnerability necessary to foster greater intimacy within their relationships. It’s so important “to break the chain of dysfunction that has dragged them down for generations – father absences, addictions, bad behaviors, infidelities, raging, irresponsibility, crime, sex and intimacy problems, immaturity, and a general confusion about what it even means to be a grown-up. Men can learn how to transform their lives to become those good men and Spiritual Warriors they’ve always wanted to be,” explains Dr. Johnson.

Go ahead. Be bold. You CAN change your life for the better.
You’ll be amazed at the insights and guidance presented in this powerful book.

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