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Greetings Sacred Path Community,

I have some very important news to report to you so please take a few minutes now to read through to the end of this message.  We’ve endured a series of cyber hacks to our web sites that have required a lot of additional attention from our communication committee.  This has created ongoing challenges for our promotional campaign to get the word out and expedite our enrollment process.  Additionally, there have been challenges in the lives of many of the good men who support our mission through MCLA, Emerging Leaders and the Sacred Path programs.  And, our scholarship account is essentially empty right now.  We do have men who are doing their best to raise money for us and who have reached deep into their own accounts to donate.  We’re very grateful to those of you for your generosity and look forward to increasing the balance in our coffers.

The headline is that we’ve gone back and forth endeavoring to make a discerning decision regarding our forthcoming spring retreat.  With a measure of regret we have made the decision to postpone the Call to Adventure element of the retreat for this April.  However, it’s not a total loss since we will still have a Sacred Path Men’s Retreat commencing Thursday, April 16 through 19.  We won’t be waiting a whole year for the next CTA retreat but rather will put together some entry programs to integrate the CTA participants onto the Path as they take steps toward the big retreat next year.

We are reorganizing our Wisdom Council and retreat staff while bringing new men onto the Wisdom Council like Dr. Michael Lewis.  We have created 5 committees to implement the ongoing mission and work of MCLA/Sacred Path.  Our plan over the next several weeks is to raise more money so that we can provide the scholarships for those in need.  Furthermore we are restructuring the Call to Adventure program. In addition to supporting fathers in their relationships with their sons and other familial relationships, we want to inspire more men to make a commitment of mentoring one or two youths at risk for at least a year.  We’re happy to announce that we’re renewing and reinvigorating our programs by incorporating more young men into the life blood of our community.

The April retreat will provide a great opportunity for all of us to gather in the spirit of the Sacred Path to not only do our own personal growth work but to also support our mission and vision for the future of our organization.  We are 28 years young and it is inspiring to have young men join us as we plot the future course of our work in the world.  We invite men who are interested in mentoring to participate in April. There are tremendous rewards that are generated when one makes a commitment to be there for a young male longing for the guidance of a wise Elder.

The men of my generation, baby boomers who were in midlife 30 years ago, were assisted by Elders like Robert Bly, James Hillman, Michael Meade and Robert Moore, to name a few, who recognized what our generation of men was needing in the way of rites of passage through the often confusing and sometimes harrowing journey through midlife.

Men of my generation, the founders of MCLA and those of us considered the pioneers of the men’s movement in the 1980’s, are now the Elders who are front and center for Generation X’ers who are in their mid 30’s approaching their 40’s on their own midlife quest.  We’re also the Elders who are present for the Millennials as they move through their teen years and into their 20’s during a time of uncertainty and turmoil in the world at large.  These younger men really need older men to be available and to be by their side as they traverse the ups and downs on the path to mindful manhood.

I’ve invited some very talented men to participate and present at the spring retreat.  For example Dan Stradford has once again accepted the invitation and will facilitate a breakout session on his book, The Men’s Code of Honor.  There will be Native Elders present from a variety of backgrounds.  Ayo Adeyemi, a chief of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, who officiated the blessing of all in attendance last October will once again grace us with his charismatic presence.  As a master drummer, he will join with another master percussionist, Christo Pellani, to drive the rhythm throughout the event.  Additionally, I’ve extended an invitation to some other native people to participate.

I’ll provide more information in weeks to come about our presenters and surprise guests as the plans continue to come together.  I believe we’re going to have some very spirited music as a talented coterie of musicians, including Tommy Holmes, collaborate to present some of the truly remarkable songs that provided the score for the backdrop and foundation of activism through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  The spirit of activism abounds as challenges involving global climate change and threats to humanity pervade. 

Stay tuned for further information about our entire retreat program, but in the interim I encourage you to sign up for the 28th Annual Spring Sacred Path Men’s Retreat:  The Sacred Path, The Way of the Spiritual Warrior, Journey to Mindful Manhood.  Even though we’re not doing the CTA part of the retreat, young males, who are of minor age and feel the calling to be with us, are invited to participate with their chaperones. 

In the spirit of brotherhood I welcome you home,


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