7 Things Every Guy Wants to Experience Once in His Life

7 Things Every Guy Wants to Experience Once in His Life 

If you are a man who’s wondering whether or not you should go for it, the answer is YES.

by Kimanzi Constable
The Good Men Project

One of life’s great pleasures is what we experience. The things we do and the memories we make will outlast any of our material possessions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to enjoy nice things, but at the end of our life, we won’t be reminiscing over what we owned. We’ll relive those experiences that felt surreal at the time.

There will be that person who touches you in ways words can’t explain.

There are seven things every man wants to experience at least once in his life. These are things that make him laugh—things that make him cry. They are experiences he will take with him to the grave. If you are a man wondering if these experiences and the consequences they bring are worth it, the answer is YES. Life is too short to live it unfulfilled.



1. A Love So Strong You Know It’s Going to Break Your Heart

There will be that person who touches you in ways words can’t explain. When you’re with them, it’s electricity, and even though you’re getting burned, you want more. You know, at some point, you’re destined to get your heartbroken because you are head-over-heels in love and realize they probably don’t feel the same way.

Breakups are hard, and even harder when the feelings are that intense, but it’s an experience that’s worth it. Love that strong doesn’t often happen in life, and even if it’s for a period of time, the experience and those moments are worth it. Just be prepared.



2. Complete Financial Freedom

Stress related to money has kept many-a-man up late at night. It sucks when you can’t pay your bills, or it feels like you can’t ever get ahead. Every wants to experience true freedom with his finances. He wants to experience all his bills paid off and enough money to do the things he enjoys in life. He longs to have more than enough. Not because money is everything in life, but having freedom from financial stress would be a dream come true. 







3. A Period of Time Without Any Responsibility

As men, we have a lot on our shoulders at any given time. We have family, partners, work, and a thousand other responsibilities. One wish would be some time—even if it’s a little while—to be completely free of anything but experiencing that moment. We want a time to chill, relax, and laugh at crazy memories from the past.






4. A Sexual Experience That Transcends the Moment

Too often, sex is rushed or done when it’s not a convenient time. One thing every man wants to experience is a mind-blowing, sweaty, breath lost, sexual experience. We want an experience like you would see in the movies and with a person we deeply care about. We want a sexual experience where we drown out the world and our responsibilities and give into our animal urges for pleasure.







5. Energy That Doesn’t Seem to End

To be strong in your day, your month, or just in the moment, you need energy. As men, we always want more energy because we have a lot that we have to get done in our life. We want energy that doesn’t fade when we need it the most.







6. Accomplishing an “Impossible” Life Goal

So much of life doesn’t work out as planned. It feels impossible to get ahead and accomplish big dreams. For once, we would love to accomplish a life goal that feels impossible to us. It could be quitting a job you hate, traveling to a cool country, moving to a dream destination, or finally dating that dream girl. Whatever your goal is, you want one life experience when that dream becomes your reality. 






7. Letting Go of Past Hurt

It starts with getting honest with yourself about what you want from your life.

Our past can bring a smile to our face, or it can haunt us. If you’re a man who has a difficult past or maybe have some difficulty in your past, you wish to let it go. Every man wants to forgive, forget, and start the healing process in his mind. We know that peace can come from letting go, and it’s an experience we want at least once.






If you’re a man who says “YES” to anyone of those points, I want you to know that you can experience one or all of them in your life. I’m not going to give you the standard “work harder” spiel. I will tell you that I’ve experienced every one of these and today live a happy life—my dream life.

It starts with getting honest with yourself about what you want from your life and then doing something about it. Choose your experiences over stuff, and choose action over self-limiting beliefs. Being a “good man” means being the best version of you. Only you know what that means.




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